Brewery pavement

Brewery pavement

250 basalt breweries, already

Quantity of small breweries grows very fast these days not only in Czech but as well for example in Slovakia. We are honored that we can be part of development in this field by delivering a high-quality solution for brewery floor.

Nowadays we have supplied our basalt floor to more than 250 breweries. It is our interest to find the best solution for our customers, therefore we always recommend and offer a complete system for your floor – Basalt pavement + fixing and joint filling materials.  This solution secures maximal value and lifetime in hand with chemical resistance.


We developed new epoxy joint filling mortar, which is washable with water. This upgrades workability and especially cleanability of this normally hard cleanable material.  

Brewery Cvikov
Brewery Plasy
Brewery Sierra Nevada, Mills River, North Carolina


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