Basalt cylinders

Basalt Cylinders

Basalt has been used in the production of structures of steels for last many years. It is considered actual because of the increasing steel prices in the world. Because of the excellent basalt properties, the materials are utilized specifically in places where sliding abrasion is present. It is used as an insert that offers resistance to abrasion in pieces of shape basalt cylinders.

basalt cylinders

Usage of Basalt Cylinders

Basalt cylinders are regarded perfect for the hydraulic transportation of materials that are abrasive. The basalt cylinders that are used in the process of pneumatic transport in power plans, transportation of chemical materials that possess abrasion, work up to maximum speed of 22 m/s. The temperature requirement for the aforementioned processes is limited by 350°C. The special pieces of cast basalt like cyclones, bends, jets, Y-pieces, T-pieces and branches protect the alloy steel materials and assist in multiplying the lifetime of equipments from five up to twenty years.

Applications of Cast Basalt Cylinders

Basalt cylinders have various applications in the field of industry. They are further used in chemical plants, power plants, mining, industrial operations, steel plant operations and metallurgy industry too.

Basalt cylinder is long lasting, durable and can be applied in various fields. The basalt lining in these cylinders make it usable for long time period. This is the reason why most of the chemical and industrial operations prefer utilizing basalt cylinder in the manufacturing procedures. 


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